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PAPALIN HAITI 6 ex sherry 54,1% Forstør

PAPALIN HAITI 6 ex sherry 54,1%


Papalin is a project dedicated to rum blends, crafted by Luca Gargano. After three editions, the range moves forward with two new releases: Papalin Haiti 6 years old and Réunion 10 years old. The reason Papalin is called a “tropical dependent bottler” is because Velier is the only company that creates direct partnerships with distilleries when it comes to sourcing and ageing rums, and therefore depends on the distilleries unitil the product is bottled. This way, all projects are planned hand in hand with partners in terms of sourcing and ageing, which always takes place in the official warehouses of the distilleries.

A blend of seven casks from three Clairins producers — Sajous, Vaval and Casimir — aged in an ex-Oloroso sherry cask from the renowned Lustau Bodega, this Papalin is astonishingly full. The bright palette of flavours and aromas immediately reveals a mature expression that remains throughout the tasting. From its many magnificent sequences, its especially radiant rancio, chocolatey smoothness and oriental spicy notes stand out in particular. This Papalin Haiti was distilled in 2017 only in pot still, aged for 6 years and bottled at cask strength with an ABV of 54,1%.

Nose: Full and distinguished. Notes of apricot, oxidative (brandied cherries) and tertiary (grilled walnut, precious wood, varnish) rancio beautifully highlight the sherry cask’s influence. Allowed to breathe, heady fragrances (iris butter, sandalwood) and caramel aromas seep deep into the aroma palette.
Palate: Clean and lively. The chocolatey attack becomes rooty (ginger), medicinal (cough sweet) and slightly camphoric. The vegetal (cane) and roasted mid-palate develops notes of cane sugar and toffee.
Finish: Long and smooth. Fine fruit tannins (raisin, dried fig) softly envelop the taste buds. The oriental after-taste (curry, turmeric) becomes more powdery (cocoa). The retro-nasal olfaction sees saffron and nutmeg illustrate the flavour palette’s nobility

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