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El Amparo is a pure single rum from Ecuador, produced in the city of Jipijapa, in the Manabí province, from a variety of sugar cane that is commonly called Cubana Negra. "Amparo" means "shelter" in English. The name was coined by Gonzalo Almanzor Zorrilla Toala, the maternal grandfather of Carlos Baque Zorrilla, current owner of the distillery. While Aguardiente is produced in many South American countries, Ecuador has a long history of distillation that remains locally enjoyed. This bottling came to life to celebrate 60 years of experience over three generations of the Zorilla family and share their beautiful spirit with the world.

El Amparo is produced using the Cubana Negra variety of sugar cane, which is grown and harvested using the traditional practices of three generations. Fermentation starts naturally and is carried out by indigenous yeasts in vats of between 1,000 and 3,000 liters. It lasts 5 to 7 days, depending on the sugar concentration of the wash at time of harvest. Distillation is carried out on a 500-liter copper batch still, consisting of a small pot with a short external column. After a single pass, the distillate leaves the still at approximately 60% ABV. This first batch of El Amparo has been bottled at pot still proof.

Nose: Bright and vegetal. The aromatic intensity bursts out of the glass initially showing ripe banana, freshly cut grass, lemon zest and capsicum. After a few moments, deeper tones come through with gentian root, sea air, forest pine and freshly baked corn bread.

Palate: Structured and opulent. Warm tropical notes wash through the palate with bright tones of fresh pineapple and geranium flower. Richer earthy tones are present, showing coriander seed, olive brine, spruce tips and fresh garden soil.

Finish:Full and lasting. The ethereal finish is rich with cedarwood and camphor, it seems to linger for eternity. Ginseng root and spicebox stretch into the ether supported by a pleasant roundness of acacia honey

DKK 549,00

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