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Nedsat pris! VIEUX SAJOUS 5y 52,5% Forstør



The first idea behind Clairin Aged Bottlings was to send barrels having contained other spirits to Haiti to age Clairin. The results were conclusive, and after a year in casks, Clairin Ansyen was born. Spirit of Haiti experimented with a longer ageing period: beyond 3 years, to give birth to the “Vieux” editions. The Spirit of Haiti also wanted to pay tribute to the three historical producers by offering a Vieux Sajous, a Vieux Vaval and a Vieux Casimir. This new edition of Vieux Sajous is a complex blend that has been aged in casks that have previously contained whisky as well as rum.

Blended from casks that have previously contained Mount Gay, Bielle and Caroni rums or single malts as well as bourbons, this version produced by Michel Sajous from Cristalline sugar cane at the Chelo distillery in Saint-Michel de l’Attalaye reveals deep empyreumatic flavours and aromas of a rare intensity. With an incredibly pure expression, the nose and palate are irrigated with a cane juice whose invigorating freshness reflects the deep minerality of one of Haiti’s finest terroirs

Nose:Refined and noble. On the first nose, a magnificent empyreumatic sequence (rubber, gum arabic) sets the tone. Allowed to breathe, fragrances of blossoming geranium, kiwi and fresh cane juice bring lots of rhythm and shine to the aroma palette.

Palate: Lively and elegant. The hot attack is flooded with cane juice. The delicately herbal mid-palate is like a field of cane sugar in the warmth of the summer sun. Geranium honey accentuates the flavour palette’s heady character.

Finish: Long and full. The chocolate and vanilla start of the finish also becomes infused (bay leaf, sage) and rooty (gentian). In the after-taste, cane sugar envelops the taste buds as sweet spices (cinnamon, ginger) and dried banana punctuate the tasting.

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