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Founded in 1753 Hampden Estate has been distilling rum for almost three centuries in the Trelawny Parish, historically known as the grand cru of Jamaican rum. Renowned throughout the world for its full, intensely flavorful rums, Hampden Estate has always produced quintessential, heavy pot still pure single rums, using unique methods that guarantee its remarkable aromas and truly exceptional taste.

Taking its name from the Spanish word used to describe plots of vineyards in the Jerez area, Hampden Estate Pagos is the first bottling in the distillery’s history to be exclusively aged in sherry casks. This new version of Hampden Estate Pagos was born out of a partnership with the famous Bodegas Fundador in Jerez, around the idea of ageing entirely a Hampden rum in prestigious Oloroso 500-liter Sherry butts, used in the Solera process. These casks, which had contained Oloroso for up to thirty years, were emptied and ready to host the intensity of Hampden rums and were moved to the distillery. The colour, aromas and palate of Pagos are deeply imbibed with the unique notes of Oloroso. In order to respect this perfect synergy with Hampden Estate’s high esters profile, Pagos has been bottled at 52%

Nose: Deep and rich. The first nose reveals notes of ylang-ylang, clove, artichoke, toasted walnut, blood orange, apricot stone and brandied cherry. On aeration, almonds settle on the surface of the aromatic palette. With time, emery cloth, camphor, sultanas, dates and a fine coffee liqueur take the palate back to Andalusia.

Palate: Lively and powerful. Cane sugar, chestnut honey and scents of tropical flowers dominates the palate. In the mid-palate, vanilla pods and cocoa beans coat the taste buds with their subtle tannins. The aftertaste is camphorated and heady (geranium).

Finish: Long and sharp. Infused with cane sugar flavours, the finish is refreshed by coconut milk and honeysuckle scents along with notes of varnish and mustard seeds. The aftertaste reveals notes of light tobacco, lime blossom, peppery rose and coriander. Scents of walnuts, dried grapes and dried straw mark the empty glass, taking us back to southern Spain

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DKK 799,00

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