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Tilbud! CARONI GUYANA 23 ans 1996 HTR Blend The Last 61,9% Forstør

CARONI GUYANA 23 ans 1996 HTR Blend The Last 61,9%


The last bottling in the vast stock discovered by Luca Gargano on 9 December 2004, this version, composed only of “heavy” rums, is a blend of 24 casks. It was aged until 2008 on the archipelago of Trinidad and Tobago, before continuing its maturation in Guyana between 2008 and 2019. During these 23 years, the angel’s share reached 85%. To really appreciate the splendour of this Caroni, make sure to breathe in the dried extracts emanating from the empty glass long after the tasting. With exceptional richness and complexity, they represent the fourth stage in a tasting that takes us deep into the night.

the rich initial nose is like a painting of oranges placed on a bed of asphalt. Moving further into this tarry register, it is saturated with mineral notes (schist). Gradually, exotic fruits (passion fruit) and dark chocolate emerge from an ocean of molten lava. The ethereal attack is exotic (mango) and tarry. The jammy (marmalade) end of the palate is also floral (jasmine). The assertive finish is like smoking a cigar. A resplendent note of ripe banana appears at the very end of the palate.
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  • Appearance : orangey copper.
  • Nose : powerful, rich. Straight away, the initial nose invites us to admire a painting of oranges placed upon a bed of tarmac. Further developing these asphalt notes, the aromatic palette is saturated with mineral notes (basalt, manganese, schist). Gradually, a handful of exotic fruits (passion fruit, mango), apple jelly and dark chocolate emerge from an ocean of molten lava. In the distance, we catch a glimpse of vanilla pod, lemon and candied pear.
  • Palate : ethereal, complex. The deliciously exotic (passion fruit, mango) attack quickly moves into terpene and phenols (tarmac, diesel, earth). In the archetypal Caroni style, the mid-palate alternates between being mineral, fruity (orange, lemon), roasted (coffee), vegetal (pipe tobacco) and floral (gillyflower) registers. Next, jams (marmalade, fig) and new florals (jasmine, petunia) help bind the end of the palate.
  • Overall : long, very assertive. Without departing from the minerality that acts as its backbone, the start of the finish is like smoking a delicately spiced cigar. Suddenly a superb note of ripe banana takes over the entire palette of flavours. On the retro-nasal olfaction, passion fruit mixes with lime blossom honey and orange blossom. The very dense empty glass is mentholated, mineral, herbaceous (savory, thyme, oregano), chocolatey and roasted (coffee).

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