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Tilbud! CARONI GUYANA 23 ans 1996 Blend Tasting Gang 63,5% Forstør

CARONI GUYANA 23 ans 1996 Blend Tasting Gang 63,5%


Composed of “light” and “heavy” rums, this version selected in Cognac on 12 April 2019 by 23 Caroni experts is a blend of 22 casks. It was aged until 2008 on the archipelago of Trinidad and Tobago, before continuing its maturation in Guyana between 2008 and 2019. During these 23 years, the angel’s share reached 85%. Finding perfect balance between its light and heavy rums, this Caroni reveals a palette of flavours and aromas rich in fruity, floral nuances, as well as the very unique and instantly recognizable style typical of this iconic rum.

the complex initial nose wavers between orange zest, diesel, dried fig and exotic fruit (mango, persimmon). Allowed to breathe, cane sugar and molasses spread across the palate before more medicinal notes appear (camphor). The concentrated attack is herbaceous (straw, bulrush) and mineral (hydrocarbon). The mouthfeel on the mid-palate is incredibly delicate. The lightly tannic finish is deliciously rich (rum baba), spicy (clove) and characterized by Caroni’s iconic notes of hydrocarbon.

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  • Appearance : burnished gold with copper tinges.
  • Nose : rich, complex. From orange zest to diesel, dried fig to cashew nut, heady florals (lily, tuberose) to exotic fruits (mango, guava, persimmon) and notes of tarmac and flambéed banana, the initial nose boasts incredible depth. Allowed to breathe, cane sugar, molasses and maple syrup spread across the aromatic palette. From this point on, the medicinal character (camphor, iodine tincture) becomes continually more powerful.
  • Palate : unctuous and concentrated. The very beautifully vegetal (sugar cane, straw, bulrush) attack faithfully reproduces the hydrocarbon notes for which Caroni is so renowned. The very aromatic (gladiolus, geranium) mid-palate is incredibly delicate. Wild peach, lime blossom honey, fresh fig and juicy oranges bring the mouthfeel lots of freshness. Dark chocolate and the flavours of a slightly sweet Havana cigar then arrive in a grande finale.
  • Overall : long, softly tannic. The very rich (rum baba, sweet chestnut cake) start of the finish creates a united front with the end of the palate. Characterized by notes of hydrocarbon (sleet, petrol), with time it becomes increasingly spicy (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg). Staying close to the sugar cane, the retro-nasal olfaction is earthy and saline. Revealing notes of apricot, the empty glass also brings hot tar and smoked meat.

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